✔ Fellow of Institute of Company Directors (FAICD)
✔ Fellow of Chartered Accountants (FCA)
✔ MBA – Macquarie University
✔ Bachelor of Commerce – University NSW

About Roger

A graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors course and as a public company director for 16 years, Roger has a good understanding of the corporate risk environment. Besides an appreciation of risk appetite and management of various types of risk, Roger has worked with a few of Australia’s entrepreneurs and understands that developing businesses involves risk.

Working Background:

A broad background across various industries including:

✔ Manufacturing including construction, timber mills, PET manufacturing, Food processing & packing.

✔ Agribusiness – growing, sourcing, marketing and selling agricultural products such as honey, ginger, macadamias in Australian and International markets.

✔ FMCG dealing with supermarket retailers

✔ Tourism

Developed strategies and business plans to deliver success.

Critically analysed marketing, operational and financial performance to identify risks and potential opportunities for growth.

Been a key driver of product innovation & commercialisation.Led benchmarking, restructuring, recapitalising and public listing activities.

Produced positive cultural change and business process improvement.

Built branding strategies that have won various National awards.

High level communication, negotiation and relationship building skills.

Adaptable, innovative and responsive to changing markets and challenges.

Strategic & Operational Review

Developed strategic plans to position Buderim Ginger and Capilano for competitive advantage and growth.

Address external environmental shocks, such as volatile foreign exchange, climate change including drought and floods, threats to supply chain, and market pressure from both competitors and supermarket retailers.
Capital investment programs that increased efficiencies and cut costs.

Marketing, Growth & Innovation Strategy

Developed plan to improve brand recognition, provide product differentiation and tackle changing customer demographics in order to grow sales and profits.
Revamped Buderim Ginger brand positioning and product portfolio and introduced digital media strategy; new product sales grew by $1.5million; winning two Supermarket Product of the Year awards.
Driver of successful commercialisation of medical honeys using platform of external R&D.
Led development of new packaging and products at Capilano, winning Australian Packaging Awards 2008, and Packaging Export Gold Award for the 375g Upside Down range of Presidents Choice Florals.
Introduced digital media campaign at Capilano and Buderim to connect to a younger consumer base. Use of social media in re-positioning of honey in its market.
Developed export markets within Capilano leading to a growth in export retail volumes of 1300 tonnes to 3300 tonnes. Capilano exported to over 46 countries, winning the Australian Export Awards 2009 – Agribusiness Award and Premier of Queensland Export Awards 2009 – Agribusiness category.
Initiated the expansion into Canada of Buderim Groups products.

Operational Effectiveness & Change Management

Restructured Buderim Ginger to divest non-core assets, raise capital to recapitalise the business and reduce bank debt.
Vertical integration of supply in Buderim Group commenced, conducted top line review of manufacturing opportunities and focussed on business improvements.
Restructured Capilano, reducing plants and costs, introducing manufacturing improvements and expanding into value added export markets.
Co-ordinated policy and strategy development across diverse portfolios, executive, corporate and director services at Capilano.
Managed a major cultural change at Capilano from farmer controlled co-operative model to a listed public company structure.

Financial Performance

Significant experience with providing assessments including:
✔ Profitability analysis, historical ratios, trends, forecasts, margins and outlook
✔ Funding assessment, cash flow, liquidity
✔ Product cost and customer review
✔ Balance sheet review, debtors, and assets.
Reporting quality and adequacy of procedures.
Working capital management.

Complex Stakeholder Consultation & Negotiation

Completed the IPO for Capilano giving it the opportunity to realise the value of its business.
Completed two successful capital raising in the Buderim Group
Completed a transaction with Chinese investors to recapitalise the Buderim Ginger Group and the strategic opportunity for distribution into China.
Completed negotiations for the purchase of one of the largest macadamia orchards in the world for US$4 million in 2014 now valued in excess of US$20 million.
Dealt successfully with litigation against MacFarms to position it for future business success.

Governance and Human Resources

Develop a highly skilled and competent senior management team with an ability to get things done.
Replace obsolete or non-functioning enterprise software with packages that gave better reporting and control capabilities
Instilled strong risk management, safety and productivity focussed culture across each business.
Improve policy & procedures management across groups
Ensure a decision-making process is in place, a risk assessment platform, proper company secretarial reporting.